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Preferred Industry: Bubble Tea Stores, Food Stalls, Halal Restaurants

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We are an experienced Team in Food & Beverages for the past several years. We have stopped our F&B around 5 years back due to some internal partner disputes. Now we decided to start again with a new fruit juice concept.
The juices are made in fresh in a different processing in a high standard. The juices can either be made in fresh at the store or can be bottled and market it. Our plan is to open a stall or a small F&B processing unit with Food Shop License ($195), having a physical shop and an online presence.
We are looking for investors, as sleeping partner. We give you 20-30% of the profit and we guarantee your capital in writing. In case we forced to close due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will try to settle your investment first. We take our profit upon settlement of your capital. Upon settlement of your capital, we will give you a 10% of our profit for 1 year.
We expect up to 70K investment, it may be less than that if we are able to settle things cheaper. Thank you. Please reply me through this email as our subscription is expired. maxglobalbusiness @ gmail . com [no spaces]
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