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Water is the next Oil ! Let us join to clean water Today !!

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This franchise provides the solution based on the target water body to clear.  Lakes, Ponds, Rivers or waste water treatment etc.  The solution ( a herbal mix) will be shipped to you.  You have to organise for it to be applied into the target water as we advice.  Nature takes care of the rest.

We will provide you education and will support your intended sale.  The Profits for you will be substantial from deal

Water in any condition or with any kind of pollutants, we can Rejuvinate it to its Natural Ecology.

Process is all about treating a Water Body with our Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine.

Results are all tested and 100% proven with real Life experiences.

Sludge gets consumed, increasing the natural depth.

Foul smell becomes Zero.

Weeds die their natural death.

No mosquitoes breeding.

All algal blooms gets finished.

And anything which is negative for the Life of Humans, Animals and Plants die on its own, once the Water becomes Alive with our Technology.

No Construction or Installation of any kind required.

Cownomics Technology is best in Ease of Execution, with Value for Money Commercials and no Competition across the World.


Case Study



    • Project Name: Restoration and Rejuvenation of RaamSagar Lake • Address: Kasdol, Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh • Map Location: 21.6172°“N, 82.4280°" E • Surface Area: 5.81 Acres • Technology: Co...


Cases and the test results of water published.. certified by government agencies for success with lab test reports

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