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Investment Opportunity For Specialised Tuition Centre (Focusing On Hybrid Education)

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Budget: S$50K - 100K
Preferred Location: Central Area
Preferred Industry: Tuition and Enrichment Centers

Business Details

Hello to all!
We are a team of 2 graduates and undergraduates from National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) seeking an initial start up capital of ~SGD 55000 to kick start our specialised hybrid tuition centre. The following are some brief details of our business:

1. Who are we?
Our team comprised of 2 people with a combined total of more than 10 years teaching experience. One of our member has the experience of managing a tuition business in the past, as well as several years of teaching in various tuition centres under his belt. We have degrees in Chemical Engineering (NUS) and Chemistry and Biochemistry (NTU), and are experts in the O'level and A' level Chemistry and Biology syllabus.

2. What are our teaching experiences?
Together, we having taught over 300 students in the past (home + group tuition), we have gained experience of teaching even large groups of students. One of our member has the experience of teaching in a successful tuition centre in the past, with classes of over 40 students before and also had the opportunity to teach online classes for more than a year. We have a proven track record of over 50 testimonials that shows students have improved tremendously under our guidance.

3. What makes us special?
Unlike normal tuition centres, we will focus on specialising in Chemistry and Biology only. In addition, we will be providing a hybrid style of teaching, which includes face to face learning, as well as online learning, to suite demands of our clients this period. Also, we will be offering a very personalised style of teaching, which are more directed to the needs of students. We also have several attractive learning packages to parents (which will be explained further).

4. Whats your role?
We are looking for a minimum investment of SGD $55000, which takes into account rental, marketing, utilities, hiring, renovation, as well as miscellaneous costs for a year.

5. Moving on
To summarise, as an investor, you'll be contributing a minimum capital of SGD $55000 while you leave the rest of the work to us. The expected ROI for the business is in the 15-40% range (depending on volume of students at the end of the year). We are extremely profit driven and have a clear, concise plan laid out which we are extremely confident in.

If you are interested in our business, do drop us a PM, and kindly indicate your questions as well (as specific as possible). We will arrange a meet up with you to discuss our plans further in depth as soon as possible.
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