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High Potential Marine Commercial Vessel/ Boat Services- Long Term Contract


Asking Price: S$100,000
High Potential Marine Commercial Vessel/ Boat Services- Long Term Contract
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Ofie Hermann
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Reason For Sale

Expanded business into other services- Diving & ROV in West and East Malaysia. Therefore does not have time to manage this business.


Opportunity for entrprenuer interested in running a commercial marine transportation business. Open for those who are currently running similar business or those who aspire to be in the Singapore maritime industry. 

Our client (a reputable international company) has a long term contract with the govenrment to supply their services in Eastern and Western of SIngapore waters. They in turn contracted us to run the vessel/ boat operations to suppoprt their work. Unlike in launch boat services or other project based vessel/ boat services- where the operations are run 24 hours and 7 days a week (high operating head). Our contract runs only Mon-Fri and during office hours only- with public holidays off. We had calibrated our operations to run with minimal overhead to maximise profitability. 

We are open for negotiations to take over 1 or 2 of our vessel/ boat as part of the take-over. We will provide guidance and mentoring to ensure new owner are able to run the business profitably. There are also other opportunities in providing extended service, within this opportunity that could be generated through this endeavor. I am an open book- I am willing to disclose any and all information to serious new owners who are interested to grow in this industry. Our business in other marine front is expanding and growing into providing commercial diving and ROV services in the region; hence we are unable to focus and dedicate time for our marine vessel/ boat business that is currently contracted. 

Current contract value is estimated to be worth a little below 500k. For those that are interested, please drop me a line or email to 

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