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ERP/CRM Solutions Company For Sale

Central Area

Asking Price: S$450,000
  • Premise Type Office Building Premise Size 1000sqft
  • Monthly Rental S$2,400 Rental Desposit S$2,400***
  • Revenue N/A Cash Flow N/A
  • Gross Profit N/A Net Profit N/A
  • Stock N/A Liability N/A
  • Payable N/A Receivable N/A
  • FFE N/A Established N/A
  • Owner Role Full Time Staff N/A
  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Monthly average
  • ***Not inlcude in the selling price
Ken Tan
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Reason For Sale

I have grown the business to a point where the tipping point requires resources. More will be shared after NDA is signed.


For Detailed and Classified Information

Please contact our representative Business Brokerate Firm: EK Consultancy

Contact Number: +65 6829 5349 

Web Enquiry:

Broker Office Address: 101 Thomson road . United square . #06-01/06. Singapore 307591

Updated on: 29th May 2021

Prospective buyer/Investor,
We are looking to sell our business.

Sale: $450,000 for 85% - 100% of business with controlling stake (Sale of Shares)

(We are in the midst of confirming an investment of $100,000 at $650,000 Valuation. 15% non-controlling stake)

Invest: $750,000 for 30% of business without controlling stake (Issue and Allotment of New Shares)

Price point rationale:

- We are looking to sell more than holding on to it.

- Why is investment higher than sale amount; I need the amount to make a difference. You would not want to invest in a company to have it operate like yesterday. You want to invest your money and have the current owner bring it to the next level for you. That is how we all make money together.


Our specialisation is in Enterprise Software and CRM Software Solutions. By far we have done many customised solutions for a number of clients, ranging from micro SMEs to MNCs.

Our company have begun to productise our products as well as services and we are on track to sell standard subscription based products.

Benifits of taking over this business

  1. No Complex Shareholding and arrangements as of now.

  2. Circuit Breaker proof; Most meetings are now conducted online nowadays. All my employees and programmers function offsite and from home now. We have an office, but we are all working from home now. Our clients are mostly ok to have meeting via Zoom now adays. We can show you our operations, and how we do it when we meet.

  3. High Google Search Ranking for important keywords such as - ERP Software Singapore, CRM Software Singapore.
    Strong Lead Generation through just website enquiry. These leads range from Mid sized SMEs to MNCs as well as Government Departments. Upon meet up, I will be able to show you our enquiry emails.These leads can be easily converted to between $500,000 to $1,000,000 worth of revenue. We are currently unable to fully consume these leads due to lack of sales and operational Support. (You can judge these leads yourself during our meet up; We will show you.)

  4. Strong Company Profile with clients such as: Daikin Singapore, SIM, Songfa Bak Kut Teh, Achieve Career Consultants, Etc.

  5. Very strong development team in India to be taken over together. These employees are already trained to follow a strong development and accountable process and they are all using time tracking software. This means that you are getting very high efficacy in development deliverables.

  6. Strong Project Engineers who are managing projects. They are generally quite auto run.

  7. Strong full time Team Lead to manage Indian Programmer (In Singapore)

  8. Strong full time Support Officer & Trainer in Singapore

  9. We have a decent subscription based clients that are paying us monthly/yearly subscription.

  10. We are selling this business with existing leads, clients, contracts, as well as accounts receivable. The day you take over the business, these income is yours.

  11. Our business has no outstanding loans and small amount of assets.

What are the down side of this business

  1. The business is not 100% auto-pilot yet, and requires effort to further grow and tip over.

  2. You may not be able to immediately draw a salary for yourself; The recurring income is able to cover some expenses.

  3. We have not been keeping full fledged book keeping records as we tried to save cost on administrative expenses. So if you are looking for a full fledged proper P&L and Balancesheet. You may be dissappointed. Nonetheless, I am confident that this is a good business to take over. (P&L can be faked, I will show you our rolling bank statements)

Reason to Sell

  1. I want to take a vacation and go to China with my Wife.

  2. The business is doing well as of now and it is the best time to sell it with good clients in pocket; As the saying goes, repair the roof when there is no storm. When a storm hit, its too late to sell.

Some Notable Company Assets

  1. 100% owned ERP Software Solution (Source Codes Inclusive)

  2. Strong Lead Generating Web Site

  3. Strong Company Profile

  4. Existing Recurring Income

  5. Experienced Employees (The least experience is 2 years)

Website of the Company for your reference





Nature of Income 

Active income at the moment with potential to automate and become passive.

What kind of Buyers would be ideal?

Buyers who are in the follwing trade would have an advantage because our company will immediately become your technology wing that is already paying for itself:

  1. HR Agencies,

  2. Distribution

  3. F&B,

  4. Retail,

  5. Hospitality

  6. Any company looking to develop software

  7. Any company looking to deploy an enterprise solution in house

Detailed and Classified Information

- Please arrange for a meet up or Zoom and we can share more information with you.


Founder, Owner.

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