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(1,800 to 10,159.77) My Singapore 30 trade went to 10,159 in 17 days (Forex and Stock Index Trading)


Asking Price: S$50,000
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John Henry
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Reason For Sale

Adding partners


(1800 to 10,159.77)

I put the Singapore 30 trade on November 1 2020. 

I added more Singapore 30 index 

each time I had a profit. 

17 days later I had 10,159.77 sgd in 

the account.

About John Henry's Singapore Trading Track Record

The numbers are an approximation. I am happy to provide 

contacts that can verify the numbers. 

List Of Contents  

#1 Trading for a real estate investor (wife's uncle) here in 


#2 Trading for my wife and her 

       business partner.

#3 With Singadelphia Pte. Ltd as a trading 

      technology developer and trader.  


#1 Trading For A Real Estate Investor Here In Singapore (wife's uncle) 

My Wife’s uncle sent me payments of 3k three times (so 9k) and 

one payment of 5k plus (total sent was 14k plus). These payments 

were sent to me because of the 30% performance fee agreement 

I have with him.

#2 Trading my wife and her business partner's Oanda accounts. 

The trading partnership started in March 2020. Two 

deposits of 1800 Singapore dollars were made in 

March 2020. Some months later they made a withdrawal 

of about 3,300 Singapore dollars. I started trading again with 

1800 Singapore dollars. In late Nov 2020 they made a 

withdrawal of about 8,000 Singapore dollars and I 

started trading with the remaining 2,159 Singapore 

dollars. Because natural gas got cheap they added 

1800 Singapore dollars in about Jan 2021. 


1800 sgd (March 2020) 

1800 sgd 


3,300 (about) (later June 2020) (or so) 

Started trading with the remaining 1800 sgd. 


8,000 (late Nov 2020) 

Started Trading again starting with about 2,159 sgd. 

In Jan 2021 added 1800 sgd. 

Deposits: 5,400 sgd (approximately). 

Withdrawals: 11,300 sgd (approximately).

#3 With Singadelphia Pte. Ltd as a trading technology 

developer and trader. 

Five years plus ago I started building a trading robot and  

my good Friend in Singapore was very impressed with 

the trading technology so he set up a small fund and called 

it Singadelphia. I'm from a German Family but I'm from 

Philadelphia PA which is why we called it Singadelphia. We 

did both manual trading and used the Robot. The robot was 

profitable but we decided to make more change as we saw 

room for improvement. Also my manual trading is beating the 

robot at this time. We are re-coding the bot to run on mt5 and 

believe using the technology will be better than manual 

trading in the end.

For verification of these numbers I am happy to let you speak 

to the individuals I worked with and traded for.

Best regards, 

John Henry 

Phone #: +65 8832 2824 

(Forex And Stock Index Trading) 

Adding A Few Partners At Our Company 

The Company: 

Singadelphia Pte. Ltd. (UEN) 201722696E 

Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, Postal 188504

Hello all :) Happy 2021, 

Let's make 2021 a super year for you!

2020 was a very good year for me! . 

I want to make it your best year! 

(Whatsapp me any question on trading)

WhatsApp # is: +(65) 8832 2824 

Adding Partners But Call With Any Trading Question

2020 was my best year as a trader and I would now love to work 

with a few people. 

Took a brake from financial services  for about 6 years and just started again 

about 5 years ago. 


I'm from a German family but was born in the US. Was in Singapore 

for about 5 years and love every minute of the Singapore here. 

I speak German and English but trying to learn Chinese :) 

Best wishes to you for 2021, 


WhatsApp # is: (65) 8832 2824 

(You can call or use WhatsApp) 

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